It’s time to stop selling yourself—and your talents—short! Learn how to uplevel your online business and start commanding top-dollar


Hey there Teacherpreneur!

You’ve probably seen them. Coaching offers that range well into 4- and even 5-figures.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, an online tutor, or even have an online shop, chances are there is someone—maybe quite a few someones—charging top dollar in your niche’.

Why aren’t you?

Are These The Obstacles That Are Hold You Back

Let’s be honest here. If you’ve been a teacherpreneur for more than a week or two, you’ve no doubt learned by now that people need and want what you have to offer—and they’re willing to pay for it. And when you stop to consider that, it won’t take long to realize that what’s holding you back is…YOU.

The list goes on and on, but if you want to break free from your self-imposed income cap, it’s time to start thinking and acting like a highly-paid teacherpreneur, and that starts with…

Changing The Way You
Think About—And Run—Your Business

Listen, I won’t sugarcoat this.

If you want to command top-tier rates, and you’re currently charging less per hour than your teacher salary, then you’ve got some work to do. The good news is, it’s not impossible. The better news is, you ARE up to it—we all are—if you have the right systems and strategies in place.

If you’re struggling to put together offers that will compel people to buy, or you worry that you don’t have the “stuff” to command those kinds of rates, then you’re in the right place.

Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time

You don't have to have lots of products and programs.
You just need one.

Your signature product or program.

This is the key to your passive income dreams. It's what will grow your audience, increase your market share, and increase your profit margin.

And it will do it all without you having to work a gazillion hours continually producing more and more products.

It’s Time to Create Your
Own Profitable Signature Product or Program

Just imagine what your business and life could look like when you have your own signature product or program…

Finally having a signature program that you can launch & sell again & again–with little extra effort, for years to come!

In this mastermind, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through how to create a quality signature program that sells. From picking a topic to creating valuable lessons, this course will teach you how to develop a transformative signature program so it’s highly desirable, highly memorable and highly-likely to gain you repeat clients, referrals & more business over the long term.

Who is this mastermind for:

By The End of This Course:


Six months of coaching with Your Teacherpreneur Coach (priceless)

Receive step-by-step guidance and support as create your signature program and complimentary offers; develop your promotional and launch strategies; continue to build a community filled with HOT leads. Eliminate months of overthinking and procrastination so you can launch with confidence.

Lifetime access to the Mastermind Curriculum (value $8,000)

Access to weekly training videos in the Teacherpreneur’s Lounge online portal, six levels of support throughout the mastermind and so much more! You'll be well equipped to launch your products and programs with confidence.

12 Bi-weekly Live Video Q&A Sessions via Zoom (value $2250)

Join the live bi-weekly coaching calls to ask your questions, gain clarity, learn from your peers and build a network of like-minded teacherpreneurs.

Three one-on-one Strategy Sessions (value $1191)

Meet privately with your coach for strategic road mapping sessions to track your progress and ensure you are creating the business serves both you and your ideal client.

Done-For-You Launch Assets (value $497)

Your marketing made easy, with our email and social media templates. Our team will also create your branded social media graphics and banners.


The Teacherpreneur’s Business Academy FACEBOOK COMMUNITY (value $1500)

As a member of TBA, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where our weekly Q&A sessions, group coaching and HOT SEAT INTENSIVES are provided. You’ll also receive the support and mastermind level collaboration from the other members in the mastermind.

Teacherpreneur's Launch Lab (value $234)

Six months access to our monthly membership program where you'll receive more even more business tools and training. As a Lab Partner you'll be able to expand your network of collaboration with the other Lab Partners in the course.

Five Most Profitable Online Businesses for Teachers VIDEO SERIES (value $197)

You’ll learn everything you need to start your new business by honing in on your zone of genius and implementing the proper systems and processes needed for your online business to run efficiently. I'll introduce you to the 5 most profitable businesses for teachers and exactly how you can optimize your teacher talents to build a successful online business. I’ll walk you through each one to help you match passion to your purpose, so you can generate the profit you desire.

Teacherpreneur’s Lounge Facebook Group Promotional Opportunities

Increase your visibility and promote your brand in the teacherpreneur's lounge monthly. (value $297)






or $307 down with 6 pays of $350 monthly or $175 bi-weekly

Meet Your Teacherprenuer Coach, Yvette Temple

Yvette is an educator, trainer, motivational speaker, and teacherpreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Dystined2Shine, LLC where as Your Teacherpreneur Coach, she helps teachers turn their classroom skills into dollars bills outside of the classroom by building profitable online businesses.

Alongside her teaching career, Yvette has worked several part-time jobs in retail and direct sales. While building teams across the U.S. in direct sales, she came to realize that the teacher-leader in her was screaming to be set FREE! With retirement less than 3 years away, she decided to brand herself and build a legacy for her children based on all of the knowledge, skills, and expertise that she has garnered in the field of education and retail sales. Now, Yvette helps other classroom teachers find their purpose outside of the classroom by monetizing their passion as teacherpreneurs!