You've got all the right stuff, but your MONEY MAKING idea is not generating the income you thought it would!

Are you tired of posting and live streaming to crickets that aren't watching, listening, or buying your products and services?

Buried under half-finished funnels, projects, and all of those "brilliant ideas" that sounded so good in your head, but never came to fruition?

Are you overwhelmed with a big fat "O" with the countless apps, subscriptions, and tolls you thought you needed to start or grow your online business? Even though some you've never even used.

Distracted as all get out by the shiny objects all over the internet and all the internet marketers screaming. "Buy this app!" Take this course!" "Use this thing!"

I bet the answer is YES!

Then there's the matter of teaching- creating lesson plans, grading papers, parent-teacher conferences...... let's not forget your personal life and family.

If you’d like to learn how you can finally build an online business with high quality leads and a community that’s ready to buy from you… so you can start earning extra cash to start truly investing in your business and creating the lifestyle both you and your family deserve.

In this mastermind you'll be given step-by-step guidance that will show you how to start your very own INCOME GENERATING MACHINE. And you can go from “I don’t know how to do this”… to “working with your ideal clients and getting paid for your amazing 10, 15, or even 20 PLUS years of experience.

Teachers who are:


Sixteen weeks of coaching with Your Teacherpreneur Coach (priceless): Receive step-by-step guidance, support as you build your business structure, systems and processes; walkthrough of your tech set up; eliminate months of overthinking and procrastination so you can launch with confidence.

Lifetime access to the Mastermind Curriculum (value $5,000): Access to our comprehensive curriculum that includes training on mindset mastery, developing your mission statement and basic business plan, client attraction, content creation, product development and so much more! You'll be well equipped to launch your business with confidence.

Eight Bi-weekly Live Video Q&A Sessions via Zoom (value $2250): Join the live coaching calls each week to ask your questions, learn from your peers and build a network of like-minded teacherpreneurs.

Two one-on-one Strategy Sessions (value $594) Meet privately with your coach for two strategic road mapping sessions to ensure you are creating the business serves both you and your ideal client.


Ideal Client Attraction System For Teacherpreneurs (value $297)
You get access to my “Ideal Client Attraction System for Teacherpreneurs”. This 90 minute video training is my step-by-step client attraction system. You’ll learn to create your ideal client avatar, position yourself and your brand for increased visibility, attract leads that want to learn from you, and strategies to convert them into paying customers!

Mindset Mastery (value $197) You'll get access to this self-study course that will guide you through getting past harmful business habits like procrastination and pushing the reset button on your business. Determine what's toxic in your business and what you need to ditch,delegate, or simply look at differently. You'll finally start to love being your own boss!

Five Most Profitable Online Businesses For Teachers SERIES (value $197)
You’ll learn everything you need to start your new business by honing in on your zone of genius and implementing the proper systems and processes needed for your online business to run efficiently. I'll introduce you to the 5 most profitable businesses for teachers and exactly how you can optimize your teacher talents to build a successful online business. I’ll walk you through each one to help you match passion to your purpose, so you can generate the profit you desire.

The Business Mastermind For Teacherpreneurs Cohort #3
(value $1500)

As a member of the Business Mastermind for Teacherpreneurs, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where our weekly Q&A sessions, group coaching and HOT SEAT INTENSIVES are provided. You’ll also receive the support and mastermind level collaboration from the other members in the mastermind.





pay in full or $297 down with 4 monthly payments of $300


Yvette Temple

Yvette is a educator, trainer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Dystined2Shine, LLC where as your Empowerment Educator, she empowers classroom teachers through motivation, education, and their transformation. After going through her own journey of self-discovery, she is now compelled to share with other teachers how they can achieve their BADass Goals (Big Aspirations and Dreams) by maximizing their unique gifts, talent, and potential.

Alongside her teaching career, Yvette has worked several part-time jobs in retail and direct sales. While building teams across the U.S. in direct sales, she came to realize that the teacher-leader in her was screaming to be set FREE! With retirement less than 10 years away, she decided to brand herself and build a legacy for her children based on all of the knowledge, skills, and expertise that she has garnered in the field of education and retail sales. Now, Yvette helps other classroom teachers find their purpose outside of the classroom by monetizing their passion as entrepreneurs!